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About us is a cutting-edge free service that enables you to acquire all detailed stats about the website and measure its true value. provides extensive information on website’s backlinks and traffic sources as well as profound competitive analysis. Due to innovative Moonsearch features, it’s virtually simple to get comprehensive data about any website’s URL.

Our technology

Moonsearch bot will crawl billions of web pages each and every day
Available deep geo tracking opportunities.
Moonsearch complex rating combines the info from the site’s Google PageRank, Alexa rank, search catalog data and our unique rating
Data availability - almost in real time.
Flow rating presupposes the coverage of both the quality & quantity of links.
Data update is provided on a daily basis.

Provided Google Analytics account tracking

Main features

Moonsearch provides complete information on the website’s external links, organic keywords, Google PageRank, Alexa rank as well as Moonsearch rank. Detailed domain analysis includes description, the number of daily and monthly visitors, IP address, location and provider, etc.

Geo tracking opportunities geo tracking opportunities make it possible to determine the site’s popularity in different parts of the world. This helps to define the most promising regions for the website’s development.

Advantageous options

Want to learn what your opponents are up to? The multitude of advantageous options provide you with a set of tools to check and calculate the value and revenue of your competitors’ sites. You may compare the achieved results and, consequently, modify your own marketing strategies for the future.

Why Moonsearch?

Due to our leading technology, processes data and produces results at extremely high speed. Our index is updated on a regular basis - all your SEO work will be displayed at once. Moreover, is indispensable in case you wish to expand your business and, perhaps, buy one or more websites. Now you can spare time and efforts and find out all essential details about your potential purchase beforehand to forecast its profitability.