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What is MoonRank?

MoonRank is a ranking algorithm used to evaluate websites’ popularity. Using a complex analysis, it calculates information about traffic quantity from the Alexa Rank, backlink quality from the Google PageRank, and the domain's reputation based on DMOZ, Yahoo, Moonsearch catalogs.

With MoonRank you won’t need to check the characteristics of a domain through multiple statistics services to evaluate it. We've done all the work for you and fused the essential popularity-data into one single rank, where each domain receives a mark from 0 to 10, accurately reflecting its importance.

You can check the MoonRank of your web-site in its MoonSearch profile

For your comfort we have placed the site’s rating among closest competitors in the footer bar of site’s analysis screen:

Top Sites by MoonRank

Use the Top Sites by MoonRank rating to see which domains have the highest MoonRank. Click on any domain to gain access to detailed information about it, including the domain's registrar, provider, whois data, Google Analytics tracking code, number of backlinks, and much more.

Top Sites by MoonRank rating can be easily accessed from the Top Domains menu: